Rat Removal Service

Expert Rat Removal

There are several indicators that you have rats in your Edina home. Scurrying and scratching noises are definitely some of those signs. Rats, like most living creatures, are looking for shelter, but most of the time they are  looking for food. They usually head for the pantry or cabinets to find food leaving droppings and urine along the way. The damage does not usually stop there. Rats will also chew wires and drywall.  

These rodents are very fast and they can fit through small spaces.  Most of their damage is done at night since they are nocturnal. Our professional team is trained to understand the behavior of these pests so we can place and set traps that will be effective.  While you can attempt DIY methods, our experts can handle the job in the most efficient way with the best possible results. Do not put the safety of your home and family at risk. Rats not only contaminate your home, they bring fleas along with them. We can help, call us today for extermination and exclusion.

Rats in Attic and walls

Remove Rats in Attic and Walls

Hearing scratching in your walls or attic is a tell tale sign that you have a rat in your attic. Rodents multiply rapidly so one can become many in no time. The faster you call us to exterminate, the better. 

If you wait to seek help it can lead to an infestation.  Severe damage to your home will be the result. It can also lead to health issues as rats transmit diseases that can cause illnesses in humans and pets. 

These rodents can chew through wires and venting causing permanent damage to your property. Frayed and gnawed wires can be a fire hazard. Catching the problem early is so important. We can trap the rats, remove them and repair any damages they caused.

Rat Exterminator

Professional Rat Exterminator

The last thing you want in your home are disease carrying rodents. Our experts are trained exterminators that will use their experience to strategically set traps and remove the pests as quickly as possible at your home in Edina MN.. Do not attempt to fix this problem on your own. Call us for help today.

 Let us help you with an extermination and exclusion plan. Calling an exterminator is the best way to deal with a pest rodent problem. Prevent food contamination and other damages. We have the training to safely rid your home of this nuisance.

Rat damage repair and cleanup

Rat Damage Repair Cleanup

After the pests are gone and the entry points are sealed we will assess damages.  We will look at things like insulation and drywall damage, droppings, dead rats and chewed wires or vents. We can repair any damages we find including electrical hazards created by chewed wires. Making necessary repairs as soon as possible ensures that you will not have this problem again.

All of the issues caused by rodents are not only residential problems, they can affect businesses too.  We are prepared to provide solutions  for commercial and residential customers as well as homeowners.

Rat Control FAQs

What is the best method for rat control?

In Edina, usually trapping is the best way. Keep in mind where there is one rat there is always many more. It is better to dispose of the rats rather than letting them die somewhere because of poison.

I hear scratching noises in walls and attic?

If you hear scratching noises in your walls, ceiling and attic, you could have a rodent problem. Rats and mice can enter your home through very small openings that may not even be visible. If you think you have a problem it’s best to act fast as they are quick breeders.

Do I really need the damage repaired?

Once rats have been removed, there is usually some level of repair and clean up. Make sure the professional you use is skilled at proofing and exclusion to prevent them from getting back in. For health reasons you want droppings cleaned up.